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CloudWater.Com Affiliate Program

Greetings -

Welcome to the CloudWater.Com Affiliate Program.

Affiliate programs are common throughout the Internet, and provide a way for website owners to reward those who help promote their products and services.

The CloudWater.Com Affiliate program allows you to earn commission for helping us promote our ChiFusion Tai Chi and Qigong courses.

Like many affiliate programs, our program is free to join. When you join the CloudWater.Com Affiliate program, you will be supplied with special affiliate links you can place on your site and send to your mailing list.

When a user clicks on one of your links to CloudWater.Com, their activity will be tracked by our affiliate software. If the user then purchases our ChiFusion Complete Course within 60 days of your referral, you will earn a 50% commission. Commissions are paid monthly to those who've earned at least $50 in commissions.


Who Can Be an Affiliate?

We accept only a few affiliates, and we choose affiliates with great care.

Each affiliate is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. We care a lot about our students and instructors, and we want to make sure our affiliates show the same level of care and attention to their clients and students that we do.

To become an affiliate, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. You should have both a legitimate website/blog and a mailing list.

  2. Ideally, both your website and mailing list should be directly related to Tai Chi, Qigong, or Chi Development. We may also consider, on a case-by-case basis, websites and lists on yoga, health, stress relief, martial arts, personal growth, meditation, self-improvement, or fitness.

    Your website may not be a "shopping" oriented website, a website or web pages that consist of primarily affiliate links, a website or page that is general and not focused on a particular topic, or a website that does not appear to be directly related to the interests of potential students for our programs (that is, those searching for online training in Chi Development).

  3. In addition to a website or blog, you must also have a mailing list, or be in the process of building one. The size of your mailing list is not important, but the relationship with your mailing list is. Your mailing list must be fully permission-based, where the list members have given directly to you their explicit permission to receive your email.

    It must be a permission-based list you yourself have built from scratch. We will not accept affiliates who have mailing lists they have purchased or who have obtained their list through any means other than direct, permission-based methods.

  4. Legal requirement for all affiliates: You must also comply with all local regulations and laws in all of your promotions of our program, whether online or offline.

  5. Legal requirement for all affiliates: You must also agree to uphold all provisions contained in the U.S. Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR Part 255 (which can be found here) while endorsing or promoting our products and services. This compliance is required for all affiliates, even those outside of the U.S.

  6. Legal requirement for U.S. affiliates: You must also comply with all federal, state, and local regulations and laws in all of your promotions of our program, whether online or offline.

  7. Legal requirement for affiliates outside the U.S.: You will need to complete a Form W-8BEN. Click here for instructions for filling out this form.

  8. Finally, please read carefully all the provisions and terms of the Affiliate Agreement on the registration form, and make sure you fully understand it before completing your application.

I know these requirements are much more strict than many other affiliate programs. But we are serious about protecting our students and instructors, and about maintaining a high standard of quality in our Internet affiliations and relationships.


How Does This Affiliate Program Work?

Click here to submit your application for our affiliate program. Once you've confirmed your email address, we will review your application and website, and we email you if we need further information to make our decision. If you are accepted, we will then send you information about how to get started.

When you receive your affiliate "Welcome" email, it will have your login to your special affiliate area. The affiliate area includes monthly and yearly statistics on the performance of your affiliate promotions, plus linking code you can use to promote the course. You'll also find a selection of image/banner ads you can use on your site.


Ready to Get Started?

Click here to submit your application for our affiliate program.

And if you have any questions about the program, please email me at

Al Simon
Wishing you the best in Tai Chi, Qigong, and Chi Development,

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